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SLAMonline.com Feature – At the Top of the Hill

Slam_picAt the Top of the Hill

Head coach Steve Smith gives SLAM a inside look at his famed program.

by Franklyn Calle

There isn’t much around. Just grass and hills. No malls. No movie theaters. No fast food restaurants. Basically nothing. But these isolated hills lying on the borders of Virginia and North Carolina have been home to many of the NBA’s most prominent players. This is where they spent their winters, working out in a small gym in the middle of nowhere.

On the Appalachian Mountains is where Carmelo Anthony and Brandon Jennings decided to continue their high school education when they realized they needed to escape their environments if they wanted the chance to accomplish their dreams. This is where Rajon Rondo, Marcus Williams, Ty Lawson, Eric Devendorf, Stephen Jackson, Jeff McInnis and Jerry Stackhouse, among others, sharpened their game before taking it to the next level at big time collegiate programs. Even Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley spent some time of their high school careers in these hills, although both transferred out. This is where almost every high school basketball athlete only dreams to play. Welcome to Oak Hill Academy.

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