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B.J.’s Story: Volume One

B.J. StithBy B.J. Stith, Senior

Throughout the 2013-2014 season, oakhillhoops.com will feature personal stories from our players.

My Dream Is Coming True

Oak Hill Academy!!!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined attending this prestigious institution.  Forget the fact that it has the greatest basketball program in the country and that it is coached by the best high school coach of all time.   Never mind the countless amount of division one athletes and professional basketball players that have walked these same hallways and have slept in these dorm rooms.  Let’s focus on the thousands of kids that aspire to play on “The Hill.”  Their dreams are the fuel that keeps this already solidified tradition moving onward to even more greatness.

I was one of those kids and it is truly a blessing that my dream is coming true.

Life here is different from what I had imagined.  From all the many different and various stories about life on The Hill that I’ve heard from past alumni, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed myself so far!  Coming from a town with only one stop light, the transition for me was not as difficult as it might be for others.  I love my classes, new classmates, and teachers.  I also really like the college atmosphere on campus and the responsibilities we have.

Lastly, I love the basketball!!!  Of course the team makes everything enjoyable when boredom hits.  I’m definitely feeling the team we have this year. There are no egos or selfish intentions involved and it shows on and off the court.  We have Terrence and Shelton at the point; Caleb, Cody, Kem, Jeff, and yours truly on the wing; Rodney, Trevor, Rok, Tony and Khadim as forwards.  The instant chemistry we shared was shocking and the comradery was undeniable.  I believe if we work hard, we have a chance to do something special.  Anything other than a National Championship will be a disappointment and everyone in Fletcher Hall agrees.  So, watch out world…the Warriors are back at it!

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  1. Note to B.J.: We are proud of you here in Brunswick County. I will pray for you as you complete your senior year. I will also pray selfishly that you will play for UVA and not Old Dominion. Good luck on your new venture. We will miss seeing you lead the Bulldogs to state title #4 in a row.

    P.S. My ministry donated an old Pontiac Montana to Oak Hill. Is it still running?

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