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2013-2014 Oak Hill Academy Basketball Roster

The Warriors
Shelton Mitchell#1 Shelton Mitchell

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’4″, 190

B.J. Stith#2 B.J. Stith

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’5″, 200
Position: Guard

Terrence Phillips#3 Terrence Phillips

Class: Junior

Stats: 5’11”, 170
Position: Guard

Caleb Martin#4 Caleb Martin

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’6″, 190
Position: G/F

Cody Martin#5 Cody Martin

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’6″, 195
Position: G/F

Kem Ubaru#20 Kem Ubaru

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’5″, 230
Position: Forward

Tony#21 Tony Anderson

Class: Junior

Stats: 6’7″, 220
Position: Forward

Trevor Manuel#23 Trevor Manual

Class: Junior

Stats: 6’9″, 190
Position: Forward

Jeff#24 Jeffrey Uju

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’6″, 195
Position: Forward


Khadim#31 Khadim Sy

Class: Sophomore

Stats: 6’9″, 205
Position: Forward

Rokas#33 Rokas Gustys

Class: Senior

Stats: 6’9″, 245
Position: Forward

Rodney Miller#42 Rodney Miller


Stats: 6’11”, 235
Position: Center


Head Coach & Athletic Director
Steve Smith

29th Year as Oak Hill Head Coach

Assistant Coaches
Bryan Meagher

11th Year Assistant Coach

Taylor Conn

6th Year Assistant

Student Managers

Shawn Haas, Wonjun Jung, Joshua Yoon
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  1. Michael Ancrum

    How can I get Coach Steve Smith to come take a look at son and see if he can play at Oak Hill Academy basketball program

  2. Great team. One day my son must play for this team.

  3. Do you offer summer camps for 2014? Where would it be held?

  4. My son Ryley is looking to play college basketball in the USA . Is there a basketball program you could recommend for him to help him advance his skills. You can see Ryley on you tube Ryley Warrener basketball . Ryley is 17 turning 18 in june and has just finished year 12 . Ryley has a 1620 Sat score and wishes to study film making at College. Ryley has played the last two Aau summer tournaments in La with the San Francisco Bay Area Ballers.

    Kind Regards
    Rod warrener


  6. im 14 years old, 5’6 and the dr. said im suppost to be 6,3 or 6’4 and im an a-b student and im in the 7th grade and when i get in high school i want to play for oak hill. how can i might get a chance to play for oak hill ??

  7. Reginald Neptune

    My son is attending camp there this summer. I just want to know if attending school there this school year, how are tryouts for the gold, red, and junior varsity done. Things like the number of boys usually trying out for each team, the percentage of those who make it, and etc. He will be a junior. Just want to know the process.

  8. William Odumah

    Cool Roster you got there, in fact I heard you had Carmelo Anthony in your team about 12 years ago, yet I bet I could beat each member of your team one by one, One on One.

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