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Matt Coleman's 'Journey to the Garden': Part 1

By Matt Coleman, 11/03/16, 3:45PM EDT


I’m back on The Hill, and it’s time for the Warriors to get prepared for another exciting year. We have four seniors returning, including myself, and one returning junior. To add to those already Dick’s National Champions, we have two new seniors & juniors on the 2016-17 roster along with one sophomore and freshman. A key senior addition happens to be Billy Preston, phenomenal talent and athlete.

Preseason conditioning was painful, but those early morning workouts only motivated us to improve our fitness and bodies.  Those who have been dedicated in the weight room have been able to see results. Time well spent in the weight room benefits me and my teammates in a huge way, especially for the next level. Every day when we play pick-up, it’s competitive and fun.

The daily grind of practice continues to move along at a good pace, but practice isn’t always where it needs to be.  We stick with it and get better day after day.  We had a couple of scrimmages to help coach see our progress.  We think we’re pretty good...but we know we’ll be tested.  Our schedule is the toughest in America.

Photo credit: Phenom Hoop Report

Along with Billy, another vital addition to our team this year is junior big man, Dave McCormack. He gives us more size and depth in the paint and he will be a BIG problem for our opponents. Also, Dave is from the 757 like me, so the 757 is taking over Oak Hill this season!

Off the court, we’re not your average basketball team. We do more than just hoop. All of our guys made either the A or B honor roll for the first quarter. I mean, you know, I made A honor roll. We’re a team of athletic scholars…STUDENT-athletes!

And now the countdown has begun.  November 1st was game number 1.  Although the game started a little slow in the first quarter, we turned up the heat in the second half and ran it up on Believe Prep. We won by 46, if I’m not mistaken. My boys and I got the job done.  We set the tone for the season and it’s on to the next one.

With 49 more to go, stay tuned as Matt Coleman and the Oak Hill Warriors continue to their Journey to the Garden. 

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