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BJ’s Story: Volume Three


Hello again, Oak Hill followers!  I’m back...Since the Christmas break, a lot has gone down.  We are now sitting on a record of 34-3, which is great, but still lower than what we expected starting out.  We won a tough holiday tournament in South Carolina... Read More »

Phenom Hoop Report: Coach Steve Smith

Coach Steve Smith

[excerpt] Coach Smith is simply a “player’s coach.” He gains respect by implementing and holding his players accountable to his strict rules and the discipline that is associated with Oak Hill Academy. More importantly, Coach Smith has a gift for getting high profile players to “buy into” the program and put team success ahead of individual accomplishments. Coach Smith has always believed that individual success would come if team success were achieved... Click here for the full article at the Phenom Hoop Report. Read More »

Warriors Fans, Vote for Coach Smith!

OHA's Steve Smith, in his 29th year as head coach, has the highest winning percentage in high school basketball history.

Coach Smith has been nominated by USA Today as one of the top high school boys basketball coaches in the country. Thanks to local and nationwide OHA hoops fans, Coach Smith won the Virginia state voting earlier this week, and will now take on others in the regional vote beginning at noon today. Click here to vote for Coach Smith, and send him to the finals! Read More »